Optimize your training with Kenku

Digital Journal for Combat Sports

Convinent training logs with AI and algorithmic enhancements.

Cutting edge features to accelerate your skills

A wide range of carefully crafted features that leverage AI and code to enhance your training. I bet your hand-written journal can't do this.

Unlimited Storage

Store an infinite amount of training sessions. Never run out of space no matter how much you train.

High-quality Design

Carefully crafted pages with an intuitive, mobile friendly interface

All essential Sections

Everything you could need exists.

Speed Optimized

Fast, even on mobile.


The more you use Kenku the more it's tailored towards you

Regular Updates

Regular updates bringing cutting edge features to life.

Easily log your training sessions

Convinent and easy training logs

Easy and convinent way to quickly log a training session after practice. No more having to get out your journal, flick to a page, figure out the structure and slowly handwrite. Just answer the prompts.
Track your training sessions, store all your techniques

Log training and technique data

Stop relying on the lump of meat in your head to remember everything. Use Kenku as a second brain and never forget a technique again

Take the guesswork out of how hard you're training

Easy Insights

Easily get insights into your training sesisons to keep track of your training load and progress.

How does it work

Train as normal just use Kenku as a second brain to manage your game and training sessions

Install the App

Add Kenku to the homescreen of your device, there's some code magic that will make it function just like a native app.

Use Kenku around training sessions

Log goals and techniques before training. Report back on the session after training.

Enjoy the results

Use your insights to improve your game. Enjoy having everything convinently stored in one easy to access place.


To pay for servers and other expenses, we charge a one time fee for lifetime access.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to all features and updates

$ 1.99 /one-time

Unlimited storage

Ai powered Goals

Training insights

24/7 support

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