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Capture Every Technique and Insight Effortlessly

Kenku: The digital journal that stores, organizes, and analyzes your BJJ training. Train smarter with your personal knowledge vault.

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Kenku app interface

Overcome your training challenges

Technique Overload

Remember that cool move your coach showed? Neither do I. That's why I built Kenku.

  • Quick post-class logging
  • Detailed notes and media
  • Spaced repetition review

Invisible Progress

Visualize your BJJ journey with Kenku's comprehensive analytics.

  • Track mat time and rolls
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Set and monitor goals

Strategic Gaps

Craft and refine your BJJ strategy with Kenku's game plan tools.

  • Position-specific strategies
  • Analyze successful techniques
  • Data-driven game planning

Enhance your Journey

Effortlessly Log Your Training Sessions

Convenient and easy training logs

Easy and convenient way to quickly log a training session after practice. No more having to get out your journal, flick to a page, figure out the structure and slowly handwrite. Just answer the prompts.

Training session log
Build Your Personal Technique Library

Log training and technique data

Stop relying on the lump of meat in your head to remember everything. Use Kenku as a second brain and never forget a technique again.

Technique logging
Gain Insights into your Training

Easy Insights

Easily get insights into your training sessions to keep track of your training load and progress.

Training insights

Kenku vs. Traditional Training Journal


  • Always in your pocket (on your phone)
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Instant search across all entries
  • AI-powered insights and progress tracking
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Eco-friendly (paperless)
  • $9.99 for lifetime access
  • Survives a washing machine cycle

Traditional Journal

  • Bulky, need to carry separately
  • Limited to ~100 pages
  • Manual flipping through pages
  • Manual analysis only
  • Risk of physical loss or damage
  • Need physical access or photos to share
  • ~$9.99 per journal
  • Becomes modern art after going through the wash

Invest in Your BJJ Journey

One-time payment, lifetime of benefits. No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

Lifetime Access


One-time payment for unlimited access

  • Unlimited storage
  • AI-powered goal setting
  • Comprehensive training insights
  • 24/7 customer support
Start Optimizing Your Training

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Still not convinced? Compare the value:

$9.99 one-time = Less than 1/10th the cost of a single private lesson